We are constantly striving to improve the processes in the plant. Standing still is a step backwards! Therefore, we let our innovative ideas into new patents incorporated. Here are some examples of patent applications by Mr. Emil Hepting.

Patent No. 10 2006 042 225


Device of galvanizing for electrically conducting products

Only in german: Patent_10200604225_Galvanik

Patent Specification

Only in german: Patentschrift_DE102006042225B3_1

Utility Patent

Patents only in german!

Device for hot-dip galvanizing

Only in german: Gebrauchsmuster_202009018237_Feuerverzinkung

Patent Laid-Open

Only in german: Offenlegungsschrift_DE102009036576A1_1

Patent Laid-Open

Method and divice for the treatment of products in a immersion bath

Only in german: Offenlegungsschrift_DE000010061226A1_1